Malayalam Properties began in November 2019. After years of experience in the Real Estate & Service industry, we realized that it was difficult for the people in our state to buy or rent a property they wished by having ease, trust, & secure documentation and registrations. Traditional buying, renting properties, and having services were too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive to manage.


After seeing an increased need for real estate and service solutions, We developed the MyMalayalam Properties Private Limited as one of the only property management companies that provide complete property-related solutions with the user's perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would change the real estate and service sector widely open to all for booking most efficiently. We made it as simple as possible so our users can focus on their requirements without any confusion. Best of all, you can get it done online through showcased options or by contacting us right away. Innovation and simplicity make us happy: our goal is to remove difficulties and barriers that prevent you from having real estate properties & services.



Our motto is to professionalize the Real Estate industry in Kerala, where people can easily do real estate engagements with utmost easiness.



Our Vision is to organize and professionalize the Kerala Real Estate industry and market and uniquely deliver real estate services that the Kerala market has never experienced before.


Amazing things are coming. Stay tuned for fully-featured 20+ stores, websites, and apps launches. Big package of joy launching between 2021-2025 with all real estate services and solutions. There will be bookings for more than 20+ services, planning to set up 20+ stores across Kerala and GCC. It will be a game-changer! ​


Today, we're proud to empower individuals and businesses around the state. Everyone deserves a comfort zone, and we're excited to help you and to be a part of your journey.



Hi, We Are Team Malayalam Properties, and We Are Connecting Properties And Services Across Kerala.